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Frequently Asked Questions about Vital Baby products

Everything you ever wanted to know about your Vital Baby products. Instruction leaflets are available in the Downloads section.



Can I use Vital Baby® products in the microwave?

Yes. All our Vital Baby® feeding Accessories* are microwave safe so you can microwave sterilise your bottles, cups, spoons or bowls and warm your baby’s food with peace of mind. However, if you do decide to use a microwave to warm your baby’s food, make sure that you thoroughly mix the food well to avoid and localised “hot-spots” and ALWAYS test the temperature before feeding your baby.
Vital Baby® Teethers cannot be put in the microwave with the exception of our Triple Stage Teether.

*Except our Stainless Steel Baby Cutlery Set and the Unbelievabowl suction pad due to their metal components.

How do I use my Unbelievabowl / How do I get the bowl off the base of my Unbelievabowl?

To start with, please clean the bowl before use and read the instructions included with this product.
Using the Unbelievabowl is simple - just follow these 4 steps below making sure the suction pad is on a smooth surface.

To remove the bowl from the Unbelievabowl after use, (with suction pad attached) from a table top or smooth surface (kitchen worktop or high chair for example),  grip the bowl with both hands, lean on the bowl to apply some pressure to it and at the same time twist anticlockwise. This will separate the two components.

Are the plastic materials used to manufacture Vital Baby® products safe?

Yes. All materials used in our products have been tested to be safe for use on baby products. Every item within our range has been independently tested in accordance with British and European laws. We are proud to say that we pass with flying colours!

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