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Product Description

• 2 in 1 design - monitors both room and bath water temperature
• Accurate, fast and reliable digital measurement
• Clear, large easy to read LCD screen
• Fun teddy bear design
• Safe - Phthalate, Latex and BPA free
• Suitable from 0+ months

Our Vital Baby® Nurture™ Digital Room & Bath Thermometer has been specially designed to give fast and accurate temperature readings whether it is sitting in baby’s room or floating in their bath. The large LCD screen makes it easy to read the temperature and the built-in warning light flashes, making it clear when the bath water is too hot. This thermometer also doubles up as a fun bath toy and is made from safe Phthalate free, Latex free and BPA free materials. Why is it important to monitor the temperature of baby’s room? New born babies are not able to regulate their own body temperature. It is therefore very important that the temperature of their surroundings are monitored to make sure that they are not too cold or too hot so that you can adapt their bedding, change their clothing or alter the temperature of their room accordingly. Why measure the temperature of baby’s bath? Measuring baby’s bath water is important for baby’s safety and comfort. A new born baby’s skin is very sensitive and delicate and can react much more quickly to temperature changes than toddler or adult skin. It is therefore very important to test and monitor the temperature of baby’s bath water before and during bath time to make sure that the temperature is not too hot and does not fall too low. With our Digital Room & Bath Thermometer you can easily check if the water temperature is correct.

Nurture™ Digital Bath & Room Thermometer


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