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Product Description

A choice of blend modes allow you to vary textures as weaning develops
Digital display with 3 modes
Preserves nutrients and flavour
Steams and blends in the same bowl
Multi height blades to ensure smooth consistency
Beeps when food is ready and automatically switches off

Vital Baby's 2 in 1 Steam and Blend makes preparing fresh, delicious, healthy and nutritious meals at home easy. The multifunction Steam and Blend allows you to vary the cooking and blending time according to your requirements and your baby’s stage of development, from first purees to chunkier foods as they grow and build confidence. Steam and blend all your favourite foods from fruits to starchy vegetables and even meat and fish with ease and less mess. The Steam and Blend also helps retain nutrients in your home made baby foods by making use of the residual water to aid smooth blending, ensuring that your baby is eating the best food available to them. The large 600ml capacity allows you to save time by preparing larger batches at once. You can then choose to refrigerate or freeze your nutritious creation for use at a later time by using one of Vital Baby's handy food storage solutions such as our Press n Pop Freezer Pots or for a larger portion, Vital Baby's Prep and Go Food Pots.

2 in 1 Steam and Blend


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