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Product Description

• Simple to use
• Keeps Babys food warmer for longer
• Great vibrant colours
• Excellent value for money.
• Suitable from 9+ months
Our Vital Baby warm-a-bowl™ is specially designed to keep baby’s food warmer for longer. Weaning can be a very stressful time sometimes, but with our warm-a-bowl™ - simple and easy to use – you just need to add warm water to the bowl’s thermal base which keeps baby’s food warm whilst feeding. Never again will parents have to re-heat in the middle of a meal! The warm-a-bowl™ is really easy to use and the warm water is all neatly contained in the base which is secured with a special cap for extra peace of mind. The warm-a-bowl™ is easy to hold thanks to its triangular shape, and its non-slip base makes mealtimes simple and stress free. Our warm-a-bowl is made from safe BPA free materials.

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Customer Reviews

Loved this product!
Review by Holly on 20/01/2016
What a great invention - just what I needed to keep food warmer for longer while trying new foods with my baby.
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